Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - like chocolate

I was scheduled to meet my friend Vanessa for lunch today. It was about 3 weeks overdue. We found a new restuarant and wanted to try it out. I left a little early so I could swing by Starbucks and have plenty of time to find the place. Also, I do not like to be late. I verge on being a little anal. OK alot! We were supposed to meet at 11:30. My cell phone rings at about 10:45. It's Vanessa and she is sorry but she needs to meet at around 12 or 12:30. I'm starving because I didn't eat a big breakfast. It was either start chewing on my arm or go get something. I knew I was going to go to the chocolate shop, SCHAKOLAD, after lunch but now it looked like I was going before. One day I am going to sneak behind the counter and stick my face under that stream of chocolate! My favorite thing there is the white chocolate covered pretzels. They know exactly what I want when I come in, the only question is how much, anywhere from 1-3 bags. As hungry as I was 3 bags sounded good. I got in the truck opened the bag and within seconds inhaled 4 pretzels and suddenly all was right with the world! I still hadn't heard from Vanessa. What to do? I started to drive down a road that I had not been down before. I went for a beautiful drive in the country. I found where I want to live when I win the lottery. I am going back to take pictures this weekend. I hope it looks just as good when I return but I won't be high on chocolate.
We did meet at the restuarant and had a great time talking. The food was ok. Vanessa gave me my b-day present. A pair of silver earrings, very nice. She was probably tired of seeing me wear the same pair everyday!
Song of the day: "Dani California" by Red Hot Chili Peppers


Missy said...

Love the song! MMM chocolate. Sounds like you had a fun lunch!!!

julie said...

Hey, I think those chocolate pretzels are so YUMMY!!What a blast.