Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I thought I was safe by going to a hockey game tonight. No surprises or anything. Well I was wrong. During the first period I heard someone yell my name. I looked over in the aisle and there was Gnash our Nashville Predators mascot dressed up with wings on and a bow and arrow. Next to him was a guy with a bag full of goodies and a dozen roses. I was oogled at for about 5 minutes. My husband said that was the first time he ever saw me look surprised. I didn't know whether to kiss or punch him! My son even knew what was going to happen. I can't believe he didn't let it slip. I will have to up his allowance or give him cash on the side so that doesn't happen again.
I dedicate this video to my husband Jim. Love Ya!
It is a shame the girl messed up the name of the singer.
Song of the day: "At Last" by Etta James


Missy said...

Once again your quilts amaze me. I have this book of quilt patterns that I dug out, so now I need to pick one. I see a trip for sewing materials lurking around the corner. ha ha You're so inspiring!!! Glad to hear that you had a nice Valentines Day.

julie said...

When did you have time to make that cool quilt?? Glad you got to be surprised at the hockey game, but did the Preds win?? Happy V Day.