Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sittin in the Basement

I made it all the way through my Cook Without A Book class tonight. We did portobello mushroom burgers, roasted garlic aioli, basic mayonnaise, broiled rosemary chicken, and grilled strip steak with green peppercorn butter. Everyone bolted out of there because we became under a tornado warning. I made it home safe and now we are all in the basement. The first one just went through and it looks like we have a couple more on the way throughout the night. We will probably be sleeping down here tonight. No pictures because they are all on my main computer so I will wrap up a few things. I meant to leave some links yesterday but I forgot.
Here are 2 of the photographers that were at the workshop in New Orleans.
J.D. Hayward and Darrell Gulin
I found a New Orleans based artist whose work is awesome.
James Michalopoulos
Song of the day: "To The Moon and Back" by Savage Garden


Vanessa said...

I hope that you all are safe. Definitely scary storms in Nashville last night. I had on my motorcycle helmet and was in the crawl space under our house. My husband is a tornado FREAK.

Missy said...

OMG this time of year??? I hope you made it threw the night safely.

julie said...

Anytime you have a 71 degree day in February in Tennessee you can bet storms are on the way!! We stood on the front porch and watched the crazy lightning and listened to the tornado siren. My husband is a meteorologist wanna be. Then we all went to the basement!